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From Taiwan: Tian Yuan Xiang’s Drip Chicken Essence

The best Taiwan brand of double-boiled chicken essence that is raved in Asia

Originating from south Taiwan, double-boiled chicken essence (滴鸡精) is a traditional health supplement for all age groups. To extract a bowl of warm, pure chicken essence, chicken farmers double-boil chickens for a whole day. A time-consuming process that is scarce in the market, double-boiling extracts only the most nourishing and purest essence of chickens.

In 2005, Tian Yuan Xiang recognised the value of this ancient method and enhanced it with a modern twist — thus establishing itself as the first brand of double-boiled chicken essence available in Taiwan. Since then, Tian Yuan Xiang has started the trend in Asia: to consume drip chicken essence daily as a nutritional supplement. Tian Yuan Xiang’s pioneering double-boiling process has even led many to believe that drip chicken essence had been an invention of the renowned brand! From the first branch in Taiwan, Tian Yuan Xiang has since become an international name with over 20 outlets across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. 

A modern twist that combines TCM with food therapy 

With free-range black-feathered chickens (黑羽鸡) that are self-raised with zero antibiotics, chemicals and hormones, we use prime ingredients to extract only the best chicken essence. Borrowing from ancient methods, the chickens are cooked in a ceramic pot by charcoal fire to retain the authentic taste and aroma. There is no addition of water through the process. Additionally, the constant oil filtration reduces calories while preserving the rich, refreshing taste of pure chicken essence. 

Tian Yuan Xiang’s chicken essence is rich in essential amino acids and high-quality protein. Our tailor-made blends contain various nutritional herbs, carefully arranged by professional Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians to meet different group needs in Singapore. 

The sole double-boiled chicken essence that has the Halal and Health Certificate (Taiwan)

Insisting on producing chicken essence with extraordinary prominence, Tian Yuan Xiang does not outsource but directly manages every procedure from start to end – from the rearing of ingredients to manufacturing to packaging. Tian Yuan Xiang’s dedicated efforts have been awarded the Halal and Health Certification (Taiwan).

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